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**World Premiere**

*Cinema Premiere*


Kersti braves the elements

for this shot of Carl Johan De Geer

ordering a burger

from the infamous

Black Burger

on New York City's Canal St. in January.


The American east coast

was being hit particularly hard

by snow and sleet

and temperatures were, in fact,

much colder than the Sweden we had left.


We later followed Carl Johan

to a Canal Street gallery

where he sat signing the photos

and the prints

which would be exhibited

four days later

at the LA Art Book Fair in the Los Angeles Museum Of Contemporary Art.


Sunny LA was a balm to our, regardless how weak, Stockholm winter...


Exchanging the Gaze


In October, we installed Byta Blick at the Strängnäs Multeum. The work was a unique collaboration between ourselves and Egyptian choreographer Karima Mansour. Karima had been invited to create movement within the corridors, offices, and meeting rooms of the Strängnäs city planners...


The Musica Vitae Videos


Musica Vitae commissioned us to produce two music videos based on arrangements from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake and featuring the Robocyne films.




The Man Behind the Throne


February- at NYC's Lincoln Center for the New York Film Society's Dance on Camera film festival... more...


November- at San Francsco's Brava Theater for the San Francisco Dance Film Festival.



2015- Indie go-go campaign launched to raise funds to complete the full length version and pay for the music rights to distribute the film via Netflix and DVD.



Demostad för Elfordon


In May we signed a two year contract with Demostad för Elfordon to provide a website, social media support and an ongoing series of videos to help promote and document the campaign for a fossil fuel free Stockhom.

website link facebook page link


Labor of Love

The story of committment expressed through dance.

After four years of filming and following Marie Lindqvist, principle ballerina for the Swedish Royal Ballet, we have begun to prepare the material for a two month run of editing and post production fine tuning.

Amer's Love


Russian filmmaker Valentina Svensson's short and funny film about love and language won the shortfilm award at the Murmansk Film Festival in November.


And to Nicklas Karpaty, our favorite cinematographer.

This is our second project with Valentina and we look forward to many more.

Kersti- final edit

Tom- grading


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