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About theFlock


We produce and create film & video concepts for cinema, websites,

corporations, and live events.


We draw inspiration from our experiences

producing documentary film, dance, theatre and visual art projects.

We travel.

We tell stories.

We provide our collaborators and clients with the moving images that are their brand identity, core strategies, or artistic visions.




We also provide post production services to individual filmmakers and small production companies. From Editing to Sound Design to Subtitles to Color Grading, we humbly and diligently put the finishing touches to some extraordinary works.









Kersti Grunditz is theFlock's documentary film director and editor.

Her latest film is The Man Behind the Throne about Vincent Paterson, the choreographer of Michael Jackson and Madonna.


She has an MFA in dance from Mills College in California, but film has been her main focus since the early 2000s. She has edited numerous, and some award-winning documentaries for cinema and TV, directed a couple of documentaries and choreographing when she has had the chance.


She strives for the kick of 'now' - on stage or captured reality.





Tom brings his over 25 years of live event production and planning to the table.


Tom is theFlock's technical director, colorist,and Swedish to English translator and copy editor. Tom's most recently graded film, Amer's Love by Svetlana Svensson, won the prize for best short film at the Murmansk film festival.


He is excited about upcoming and continuing projects involving dance and installation.

He will also be directing a short film of his own about relationships and recyclables entitled, 'Climate Change'.

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