Carl Johan De Geer

with Brooklyn's neo-christian hipsters

Jupitervägen 5 13432 Gustavsberg Sweden


World Premiere Screening at the 2014

Stockholm Film Festival !!

Thursday, November 13th, 7pm

Grand Theater, Sveavägen 45


Folkets BIo Cinema Screenings premiered December 12 and in theaters throughout Sweden

Carl Johan De Geer is a Swedish household name.

A count who has denounced his nobility, chosen the life of an artist, used his ancestry as art material.

The perpetual outsider, the free spirit who ruffles feathers with a sweet smile and no compromises.

His photos, books, paintings, fabric prints and films are integral parts of Swedish culture from the 60s on.

He has influenced and defended counter culture, produced a lot but sold very little of his art, and still gathers a cult following.

There are autobiographical aspects to all his work, but so far, no one else has told the story of his life and career.


This past April the first retrospective of CJ's work opened in Stockholm, bringing in a staggering 20,000 viewers.

Kersti's project followed him through this exhibition process,

the gathering of materials and curators and gallersists,

the building of scale models for the exhibition space.

Reflecting, finding and choosing from a long career.


While being the prolific 75 year old, he continues to do a ton of other projects that were not even part of his retrospective.

For example, going to New York and Los Angeles to be part of the LA Arts Book Fair!



at Boo Hooray Gallery in NYC

with daughter Nina in Santa Monica

breakfast in Chinatown

surfboard drawing in LA

The documentary is a co-production with Swedish Television/K-special with support from

The Swedish Film Institute,

Filmpool Jämtland and

The Arts and Grants Committee.

on the streets of LA

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