dance on camera

Jupitervägen 5 13432 Gustavsberg Sweden


Dance on Camera and the Lincoln Center Film Society


Tatyana Bronstein talks about working with Boston's prima ballerina, Larissa Ponomarenko, the subject of her film, Prima. The two filmmakers shared their similar backgrounds in dance and dance film. Kersti is currently finishing the filming of her and Guiditta Sunnemarks 4 year work with Stockholm's prima ballerina, Marie Lindqvist...


Kersti does some serious backstage in front of the logos for the festival photographer.

Here she is with Diana Rodriguez and Kate Geis .

Diana's film, It's a Feeling:Dancing with Jeff Selby

was a portrait of this street-hop dancer now choreographer.

Kate's film, Paul Taylor: Creative Domain,

was also a portrait but of a particular creative process,

almost a buddy road trip movie, as much as it was about Paul Taylor.

Had us some fine weather while we were there. Decidedly warmer than the week before.

A nice snow storm did arrive the day of the screening.

brought lots of ice too.

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