Byta Blick: förvaltning i rörelse

Strängnäs meets Cairo


In October, 2013, we had recorded Karima's movement with multiple cameras as she interacted with Strängnäs city planners during meetings, in the hallways, the stairway and in work offices.


In May, we were in Cairo, in the midst of millions, capturing the city and its secret movements, gazing on Karima as she moved through her day.


And recently, in September we worked with Karima for a week here in Stockholm, solidifying the project with respect to movement and video elements.


The installation opened Tuesday, October21st at the Kulturhuset Multeum in Strängnäs and ran daily through November 15th. Karima's performance premiered October23rd and ran for six evenings.





Jupitervägen 5 13432 Gustavsberg Sweden

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