Thomas Brennan

Thomas Brennan is the Flock's producer, a film colorist, a visual and performing artist, and an educator


Film Colorist

I have been color grading film for over 13 years, following a career in the live event, broadcast field, matching the colors on screens, monitors, and cameras. As an adjunct in post producton at the Stockholm University of the Arts, my focus is on the finishing, in both sound and image, aesthetically and technically.

I enjoy the work of enhancing, of improving or contributing to the torytelling efforts of a director or creative team.

Visual Artist

I have been a practicing visual artist all of my adult life working in a collage aesthetic with a nonintentional approach.In the past 12 years, I have begun to use objects other than paper in my compositions with found objects.

Performing Artist

My earliest art works were performances derived from my performative poetry writings. Later, after a year long solo trip around the world, I developed a visual theater less dependent on text and more interested in scenic design, dancers, installation, fim/video designs, and sound composition.

I have continued to develop and produce and direct my performance works using research grants offered by SKH's research center. "Am I Human" is currently being researched with explorations into identity construction, revelation, transformation, and transhumanism. Findings will be presented as an academic essay and a live dress rehearsal of two opera scenes.


At the Stockholm University of the Arts, I teach post production tools, methods, and aesthetics to undergraduate, masters, and doctoral candidates who work with mediated images. My focus is in on the art and techniques of visual storytelling from a color perspective.

A lot of the magic happens in postproduction, the edit reveals the turning point, the sound warns us, the color sets a mood, and the cinemascope framing helps to immerse us in the story. Understanding your role and the choices you have in relation to your collaborators is critical for a successful project and career. While the media field is open to individual explorations, for the most part the work is collaborative and therefore planning, communication, and critical thinking are valuable skills to acquire as students move into the film, media, and communications industry.