Robocygne - Musica Vitae

ROBOCYGNE - Musica Vitae

Music Video

Swans and Lakes


Musica Vitae and bird dancing

Tjajkovskij's Swan Lake is associated with graceful movemtne, precision and great drama. A metal bird and mechanics can convey the same if choreographer Åsa Unander-Scharin is to be believed. The swan, Robocygne is controlled by 19 motors, designed by the choreographer in sollaboration with robotics professor Lars Asplund at Mälardalens högskola. In the concert, the robot swan is present a film where it dances to Tjajkovskijs enchanting music about the white and black swan.


Pjotr Tjajkovskij – Swan Lake (Abbreviated and processed version by Ingvar Karkoff and Carl Unander-Scharin)


Musica Vitae

Fredrik Burstedt – conductor

Åsa Unander Scharin – swan choreography

Kersti Grunditz – videoanimation

Thanks to Tommie Rekstad of Pink Elephant for his excellent jib and boom work.

Special thanks to Staffan Langemark, Musica Vitae's producer.


The Musica Vitae Videos

Musica Vitae commissioned us to produce two music videos based on arrangements from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake and featuring the Robocyne films.

We spent two snowy, February days in Växjö's Palladium Theater on a multi-camera shoot for the music videos. The Robocygne scenic projections are a continuing collaboration between theFlock and Åsa and Carl Unander-Scharin.

Here are a few pictures from the shoot.