The Man Behind the Throne


- a film about Vincent Paterson



Vincent Paterson is the Hollywood choreographer who created defining moves for stars like Michael Jackson and Madonna. He challenges the myth of self-destructive fame as the road to success with his childlike joy of creation, his tough work ethics and his personal integrity. He is an artist unknown to most people, whose work is seen by millions.

Director’s statement

I met Vincent in 2001. I read his bio and realized I had seen everything he had done and yet had never heard of him. Eventually he trusted me to share him with the world and he allowed me fully into the warmth of his life in the Mecca of the celebrity cult.

World Premiere Screening at the 2013 Göteborg International Film Festival.

Best documentary at 2013 Dance Camera West Film Festival and 2014 San Francisco Dance Film Festival.

Television broadcast 2013 - 2016 in 15 countries including Sweden, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Australia.

Ongoing festival screenings from 2013.

Featuring - Vincent Paterson, Joe Pytka, Kim Blank, Bonnie Story, Suzi Lonergan, Carl Dias, Dorothy Caruso & archival footage of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lars von Trier, Björk

Director - Kersti Grunditz

Cinematographer - Nicklas Karpaty

Sound - Lars Jameson

Editors - Jesper Osmund,Kersti Grunditz, Britta Norell

Composer - Cecilia Q. Öhrwall

Sounddesign - Christian Christensen

Graphics - Josefin Herolf

Colorist - Tom Brennan

Associate producer LA - Caroline Risberg

Producers - Anita Oxburgh & Lizette Jonjic

Duration: 58 min

Format: HD 1:1.85

Sound: 5.1 / Dolby Stereo

Language: English

Produced by Migma Film in co-production with

Swedish Television/Emelie Persson, DR, YLE/FST and RUV, The Flock/Kersti Grunditz, Nicklas Karpaty with the support from The Swedish Film Institute/Cecilia Lidin, The NV-fund, The Swedish Arts and Grants Committee

© 2013 Migma Film AB


Dance on Camera at the Lincoln Center Film Society 2014